BitPay Embraces DeFi with WalletConnect Integration

WalletConnect is the latest addition into the BitPay Wallet app making it easy and convenient to live life on crypto.

Simply scanning a QR code, BitPay Wallet app users have secure direct access to the decentralized exchange, decentralized games, and all that the rapidly evolving $15 billion Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space has to offer.

BitPay Wallet app users can store, send or receive Ethereum tokens DAI and WBTC through WalletConnect. Payment support for DAI and WBTC is expected this quarter.

DAI, the only decentralized dollar-pegged token, is accessible anywhere in the world. DAI’s market capitalization is third among stablecoins, and it has a daily trading volume of more than half a billion dollars.

WBTC is a wrapped version of Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s price is pegged to the price of Bitcoin, with the additional benefit of being usable in Ethereum’s rapidly growing DeFi space.

If you don’t already have the BitPay App, download it today!

Download from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)

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