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There are two major techniques in SEO. On-page SEO and Off page SEO. On page SEO deals with the content in your WebPages where as off page SEO is all about getting quality links. First two steps of the SEO are very vital and the success of SEO campaign is very much depends on this two steps called site analysis and keyword analysis. It is like the foundation of the SEO process.

Site Analysis: Site analysis is basically helps you plan your SEO process and gives you the basic idea of what needs to be done. Thorough site analysis will tell you how much on page optimization and off page optimization is required. If the site doesn’t have title, meta tags and description in line with the content in the page then some efforts is required for the on page optimization. Whereas if there are no other website linking to your website then considerable efforts required in off page SEO.

On-Page Optimization

Keyword Analysis:

The product names and service types are essentially the keywords through which site visitors come to your website. Keyword analysis and research for key phrase selection is very important for a successful search engine campaign. Competitor’s site analysis also helps in identifying the appropriate keywords. Once the keywords are finalized you can start modifying your website title, Meta -tags, Meta-description, optimizing HTML, site content and so on. Key phrase selection is a crucial part of promoting your website to the search engines because all subsequent work has its root in optimized keywords. Your chosen key phrase will dictate how your top ranking campaign will work. Well researched and refined keywords will bring the targeted traffic to your website. Key tags combined with the localized tags are the user’s search pattern. So it’s always useful to include city, town or country name in the keywords list.

Optimize and rewrite dynamic URLS

Most of the sites in recent times are dynamic which uses Content management systems like WordPress and Joomla or server side scripting language like php. Although dynamic sites are very good at content publishing and organizing, it is not search engine friendly. Even if it is a static website the page name URLs can be optimized using the relevant keywords. In case of the dynamic site the web page URL has to be rewritten in order make it crawler friendly.

Image and link titles

Search engines are blind to flash and images. Usage of flash should be avoided. Also heavily loaded images and flash powered website takes much more time to load. Images and links needs to be given titles so that Google and yahoo can identify the significance of them.

Off-Page Optimization:

Once all the necessary content and Key phrases for the optimization of the site has been entered, next step is to let others know our content rich website. There are a number of aspects you can work on your site during website optimization. Below are some of the main areas.

Link Popularity Building:

There are two type of link. One is reciprocal link and another one is One way link. In reciprocal link also called two way links you have to exchange links with other sites. In One way link other websites publishes your link and delivers traffic to your website. It’s better to have one way link from high page rank sites then the reciprocal links.

Directory Submission:

The more number of links pointing to your website, more the traffic and the page rank you will get. Directory submission is a traditional SEO technique although it still has fair importance in SEO toolbox. It is important that you submit your site in the relevant category of directory. There are people who use these directories daily to reach to the local businesses. High page rank directory submission is more important.

Blog Submission:

Web 2.0 is marked with the user interaction that most of the website offers. Blog adds the user interaction functionality in your site. If you are really good at writing or know something that you can share with others then you should include it in to the blogs. These blog posts then can be published and blog content can be shred with the other sites through RSS feed. Blog submission increase traffic to your website overnight provided the content of the blog is good and original.

Article Submission:

Search engines give much more importance to the content of the website. That is why Article submission has become a standard in search engine optimization strategies. From SEO point of view an ideal articles has all the keywords included in the article along with the links to the relevant pages. Once you have the article packed with the keyword you can submit it to the number of article publishing sites. Users come to the article sites looking for the information and if your article provides what they are looking for then they will surely visit your website.

Social Bookmarking:

Social networking and bookmarking has added new dimension in SEO. Bookmarking is really for the users who keeps log of the good sites that can be retrieved easily and viewed at any point of time. If the site has good information on it then only user takes time and efforts to bookmark it. So search engine started considering bookmarks as well. So more the bookmarks your site receive, more page rank you get.

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