How To Build A Blue Jay Birdhouse

Make sure that your new blue jay house is at least eight feet off the ground and away from any area where predators like cats and rats could reach them. Because so many insects mice and other.

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Blue jays are fairly large song birds that sport striking blue feathers.

How to build a blue jay birdhouse. Bluejays build nests of twigs leaves roots and odd rubbish usually in pine trees up to twenty feet high deep in forests in groves and they have a special liking for wooded towns and even major cities where they are quite. By following these steps your blue jay birdhouse will seem like a hole in a tree to the birds and make them feel completely comfortable laying their eggs. Blue jays nest in the crooks of large tree branches 10 to 30 feet above the ground.

They build their nests with thin freshly broken roots and twigs and sometimes patch them together with moss and mud. Avoid house plans that feature perches which bluebirds do not need but which will give a convenient handhold to predators. With the right pieces of wood and some basic power tools you can build a house for this beautiful bird and give it a place to stay in your yard.

A safe birdhouse needs proper ventilation to keep birds cool as well as a predator guard to minimize the risk from raccoons cats snakes and other animals that will prey on vulnerable bluebirds. Placement of a blue jay nesting box. To attract blue jays to your birdhouse mimic the jay s natural preferences and provide food nearby.

Jays can live in most areas as long as they have a suitable place to nest. Blue jays regularly strike dogs and cats and sometimes take a swipe at the top of someone s head as they walk by. Birdhouses must have a perch outside of its entry for the blue jay to land on and fly from as its wingspan doesn t allow it to fly directly through the entrance hole.

It is larger than a sparrow but smaller than a blue jay and can be found everywhere from canada to the gulf states and east of the rockies.

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